Experienced Educator

Elizabeth is an Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) with the Department of Family Medicine, Division of Palliative Care. Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. Understanding the significance of evidence-based practice and collaboration, she has been providing interprofessional education since 1999, teaching undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate learners. With experience presenting to the general public, health science students and healthcare professionals, she also has the privilege of teaching with:

Courses, Seminars, and Workshops

Elizabeth teaches a variety of courses, seminars and workshops, including:

Presentations can be tailored to your education and training needs. CV and teaching dossier are available upon request. 

The most important questions don’t seem to have ready answers.
But the questions themselves have a healing power when they are shared.
An answer is an invitation to stop thinking about something, to stop wondering.
Life has no such stopping places, life is a process whose
every event is connected to the moment that just went by.
An unanswered question is a fine traveling companion.
It sharpens your eye for the road.
— Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen (2006). Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal