When Death Moves In: grief after a death in the home

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"In the years since we have worked with countless clients and families whose loved ones died at home. Some were anticipated hospice deaths. Others were unexpected, some traumatic. No matter the type of loss, time and again we hear people share their feelings that the deaths that occur in the home resides in the space.  Even with the best and most dignified and supported of deaths, these memories and feelings in the space can sometimes feel overwhelming to manage.

We wish you could provide you the magic answer. We wish we had checklist of solutions that would clear your space of the difficult death memories to open the space for all the other, wonderful memories. Sadly, that isn’t how it works. What we can do is talk about some suggestions, tips, and ideas and think through the benefits and considerations..."

Source: When Death Moves In: grief after a death in the home. What's your Grief