How to tell everyone what kind of #music to play at your #funeral. #ACP

“For Andrew Smith, a six-day stay in hospital got him thinking about life and death.

Granted, he was only having a toe removed. But what would happen if he passed away? Did his family know what kind of music he would want played at his funeral, or whom he would want in attendance?

 ‘I thought, I really need to get this stuff written down. But then I decided there’s a lot of people in the same situation as me, so if I can create a website where people can do it at home, at their own pace, that would be awesome,’ says the 44-year-old from Halifax who now lives in Vancouver.

The result of his thinking was Final Wish, a secure website that stores information that people would want shared at their time of passing. That includes what should be done with social media accounts and who should look after pets. Upon death, that information can be accessed by preappointed confidants.”